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Analytics & Insights

Identify the best
candidates, easily.

Collate feedback verbatim and review analytics at a glance, with relevant insights that make it easy for you to identify the best candidates.

Core competency graph

candidate feedback.

Link your reference questionnaires to core competencies related to the role you are hiring for and benchmark candidates against those referenced previously.

Sentiment Engine

Measure tone of voice.

Give tone of voice a digital upgrade with a visual analysis of the breakdown of positive, neutral and negative feedback.


Track key metrics.

Understand how quickly a reference was completed and how much content was generated to gain a better perspective of the reference provider’s opinions on the candidate.

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“Unlike the paper-based files we previously relied on, we now know that we have the data and an audit trail of all reference checks we carry out if required”

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Laura Sargent
Head of Recruitment at Sue Ryder
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Sue Ryder
Join thousands of organisations, hiring with confidence.
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