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Scout Talent

Improve your Recruitment Productivity With Xref and Scout Talent

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Xref is partnered with Scout Talent to provide an easy way for recruiters to execute references without leaving the recruitment platform. Scout Talent users benefit immensely from having all their candidate data saved in one place.

Scout Talent is an easy-to-use recruitment software and services provider. The specialised candidate management system, ‘Recruit’ is built by recruiters for in-house hiring teams and managers. Recruit allows its users to publish advertisements, shortlist top candidates quickly, schedule interviews and send branded communications with the click of a button.

Single HR Platform

Easy to execute references, no need to switch between recruitment apps

Secure Candidate Data

All sensitive candidate data is stored securely in one place

Instant Status Updates

Progress of each reference is instantaneous, offering real-time responses.

Ability to Benchmark Candidates

Mål kandidater mot kjernekompetanse som er spesifikk for rollen.

Be om en Xref

On a candidate application, go to 'Activities' and select 'Export to Xref'.

Monitor the Progress

Once you’ve sent the reference request, you can monitor the progress. 

View final report

View full Xref report including information about the sentiment of the feedback given and a core competency graph to help benchmark your candidates.

Hvorfor Xref?

Raskere behandlingstider for referanse

Har detaljerte referansekontroller fullført innen 24-36 timer.

Evne til å måle kandidater

Mål kandidater mot kjernekompetanse som er spesifikk for rollen.

Oppdateringer for fremdriften i sanntid

Hold oversikt over fremdriften til de forespurte referansene dine med oppdateringer i sanntid.

Redusert risiko for referansesvindel

Motta varsler om mistenkelig aktivitet med Xrefs multi-touch svindelalgoritme.

Begynn å ansette med tillit.

Finn ut hvorfor tusenvis av bedrifter globalt stoler på Xref for å hjelpe dem med å ansette. Bestill en gratis demo i dag.