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Protect the people you care for with Xref.

With time pressures and talent shortages, recruiting and retaining trustworthy, skilled professionals in the care sector can be challenging. We understand, and we’re here to help. 

Aged care worker assisting an elderly woman

Xref makes it easier for care recruitment teams to...

Protect vulnerable people.

Verify the people you’re hiring through high-quality reference, background and ID checks, with added fraud detection.

Find and retain skilled talent.

Unlimited custom reference questionnaires align to the competencies that matter most to you and deliver tailored insights helping you benchmark candidates at a glance.

Reduce risk.

Collect a record of the entire reference process from within the Xref platform to offer transparency in your hiring decisions and a clear audit trail.

Collage of aged care workers

Join thousands of organisations, hiring with care with Xref

"The organisation now expects a higher level of service from the recruitment team. We would undoubtedly have to increase the headcount of our team if the reference checking process was brought back in-house, thus requiring valuable funds to be spent on a new hire. Xref is both efficient and cost effective for us as an organisation."

Laura Sargent, Head of Recruitment at Sue Ryder

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Join thousands of organisations, hiring with confidence.
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